LCIP Endorsers

LCIP ENDORSEMENTS (INITIAL LIST) LCIP Organizational Endorsements: • Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC, AFL-CIO) — Toledo, OH • Teamsters Local 808 — Long Island City, NY • Labor Fightback Network — Flanders, NJ • The Organizer Newspaper/Socialist Organizer — San Francisco, CA • Haiti Liberté Newspaper — Brooklyn, NY • Ujima People’s Progress Party (MD) —Continue reading “LCIP Endorsers”

William Sylvis: Advocate for a Labor Party and a Workers’ International

Chapter Three             William Sylvis, like Sam Gompers and John L. Lewis, is widely recognized as the personification of the trade union federation of his era which was national in scope.  Some refer to Sylvis as the nation’s first “real labor leader” (Symes: 116) and the National Labor Union (NLU) as the first viable nation-wideContinue reading “William Sylvis: Advocate for a Labor Party and a Workers’ International”

Model Open Letter Urging Labor Council to Run Independent Labor Candidates

OPEN LETTER TO THE DELEGATES OF THE NORTH SHORE (OHIO) AFL-CIO FEDERATION OF LABOR (December 2014)  Presentation The following Open Letter to the Delegates of the North Shore (Ohio) AFL-CIO Federation of Labor was signed by 19 Cleveland-area unionists and distributed to the delegates of this Cleveland central labor council. We are reprinting this OpenContinue reading “Model Open Letter Urging Labor Council to Run Independent Labor Candidates”

Greenback-Labor’s Struggle for a Just Monetary System

Chapter Four           Labor, in the decade of the 1870s, pursued independent political action in a loose alliance with monetary reformers known as Greenbackers.  The basis for the electoral coalition was a shared criticism of the existing system of banking and finance which seemed to be designed to concentrate wealth in the hands of the businessContinue reading “Greenback-Labor’s Struggle for a Just Monetary System”

The People’s Party: an Insurgent Party of Farmers and Workers

Chapter Five             “We meet in the midst of a nation brought to the verge of moral, political and material ruin.  Corruption dominates the ballot box, the legislatures, the Congress and touches even the ermine of the bench.  The people are demoralized. … The newspapers are subsidized or muzzled; public opinion silenced; business prostrate, ourContinue reading “The People’s Party: an Insurgent Party of Farmers and Workers”