Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas, ILWU Local 10 – Retired; co-convener, Million Worker March As an African-American trade unionist, past secretary-treasurer of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 10, and one of the founders of the Million Worker March (MWM) movement, I am endorsing the Labor-Community Campaign for an Independent Party. This Campaign is a continuationContinue reading “Clarence Thomas”

“The Time Is Now to Lay the Foundations of a New Labor-Based Political Party”

We are living under a capitalist system in crisis — a system that only knows how to stem its growing crisis by fueling speculation and war spending, on the one hand, and by slashing workers’ wages and working/living conditions, on the other. Working people and all the communities of the oppressed are in a direContinue reading ““The Time Is Now to Lay the Foundations of a New Labor-Based Political Party””


LCIP Organizational Endorsements: • Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC, AFL-CIO) Toledo, OH • Teamsters Local 808 Long Island City, NY • Labor Fightback Network Flanders, NJ • The Organizer Newspaper/Socialist Organizer San Francisco, CA • Haiti Liberté Newspaper Brooklyn, NY • Ujima People’s Progress Party (MD) Baltimore, MD • Judicial Violence Symposium Harlem, NY •Continue reading “LCIP ENDORSEMENTS (INITIAL LIST)”

LCIP Statement of Purpose

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE We — political, trade union, and community activists from different political backgrounds — have decided to constitute ourselves as the Labor and Community for an Independent Party (LCIP) with two intertwined objectives: Our first objective is to promote running independent labor-community candidates beginning in 2020 at a local and state level aroundContinue reading “LCIP Statement of Purpose”

Some Lessons from the Labor Party Experience of the 1990s

By Alan Benjamin (September 2005) The Labor Party that was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1996 is hanging by a thin thread. It exists in name only with a tiny apparatus. The LP’s collapse can be attributed in part to the LP leadership’s refusal to stake out a genuinely independent course against the Democrats andContinue reading “Some Lessons from the Labor Party Experience of the 1990s”

What Kind of Party Do Workers Need?

By John Leslie Once again, advocates for independent working class political action are confronted with activists who argue that a central arena of struggle today is between the Democratic Party “establishment” and the “progressive” and working class base of the party. Many of these activists — particularly in the Democratic Socialists of America — argue thatContinue reading “What Kind of Party Do Workers Need?”

A Contribution to the Discussion: For Independent Black Political Action!

By the Editorial Board of The Organizer Newspaper  There is a component of the fight for working-class unity and independent political action that must be a high priority: the Black struggle, which, in the aftermath of the uprising in the Black liberation movement since Ferguson, Missouri, has moved to center stage in U.S. politics.  TheContinue reading “A Contribution to the Discussion: For Independent Black Political Action!”

“Joseph Weydemeyer: Pioneer Advocate for a U.S. Labor Party

Chapter Two             Ethnic diversity is one of the identifying characteristics of the working class in the United States.  As a nation consisting largely of immigrants  from Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific Islands, cultural pluralism has long been an important attribute of the workers’ movement in the U.S.  The resultant multi-ethnic  mosaicContinue reading ““Joseph Weydemeyer: Pioneer Advocate for a U.S. Labor Party”