Report on the Cleveland“Break the Grip of the Two-Party System” Conference

Cleveland, Ohio — December 7, 2019 By Labor Fightback Network The people of the United States deserve better than what two-party politics has delivered on the important issues — jobs, healthcare, equal justice, peace and the environment. In fact, large numbers of people are ready to move toward independent politics. According to a recent GallupContinue reading “Report on the Cleveland“Break the Grip of the Two-Party System” Conference”

“Break the Grip of the Two-Party System: Labor & Community for an Independent Party”

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Please join us in Cleveland, Ohio, on December 7 at a regional conference titled, “Break the Grip of the Two-party System: Labor & Community for an Independent Party.” The conference is sponsored by Labor Education and Arts Project (LEAP) in cooperation with Labor and Community for an Independent Party (LCIP). This two-fold eventContinue reading ““Break the Grip of the Two-Party System: Labor & Community for an Independent Party””

Campaign for Independent Black Political Action

IN THIS DOSSIER: (1) Statement by Ujima People’s Progress Party in Support of LCIP (2) Call to Exit Both Parties of the Bosses — Interview with Brandon Walker of the Ujima People’s Progress Party (3)  A Contribution to the Discussion: For Independent Black Political Action! — by Alan Benjamin (4) Statement by Clarence Thomas, RetiredContinue reading “Campaign for Independent Black Political Action”

Donna S. Dewitt

Donna S. Dewitt, President Emeritus (South Carolina AFL-CIO) Today, more than ever, workers and families need to unite with communities to address the growing concerns of health care, education, economic and environmental justice, worker’s rights, criminal justice reform, women’s rights, immigrant rights and the list of issues and inequalities we are facing in our communities.Continue reading “Donna S. Dewitt”

Millie Phillips

Millie Phillips (Steering Committee member, Labor Fightback Network) It has been my life-long dream to see a successful political party organized by and representing the U.S. working class.  I believe LCIP’s approach addresses three main obstacles that, in the past, have prevented successful challenges to the twin parties of the bosses: First, LCIP seeks toContinue reading “Millie Phillips”

Ujima People’s Progress Party

Statement by Ujima People’s Progress Party in Support of Labor & Community for an Independent Party (LCIP) Since the launching of our campaign, the Ujima People’s Progress Party has called for the building of an alternate electoral option for working-class people. It has been obvious to us that support for the capitalist duopoly control ofContinue reading “Ujima People’s Progress Party”

Some Ideas for Local Labor-Community Coalitions

A Contribution to the Discussion, by Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone (editorial Board, The Organizer) To Fight Back, We Need a Labor Party Based on the Unions and Rooted in the Communities of the Oppressed That Fights For: A Massive Jobs-Creation Program – End All U.S. Wars and Occupations! We need to rebuild our decayingContinue reading “Some Ideas for Local Labor-Community Coalitions”

“Workies”: The World’s First Labor Party

Chapter One (first of 8-Part Series by Stan Phipps             The idea of a Labor Party based on the existing trade union movement to defend working class interests is far from new.  The origins of the concept can be traced to even before the much celebrated nineteenth century efforts of workers and farmers to createContinue reading ““Workies”: The World’s First Labor Party”