Donna S. Dewitt

Donna S. Dewitt, President Emeritus (South Carolina AFL-CIO)

Today, more than ever, workers and families need to unite with communities to address the growing concerns of health care, education, economic and environmental justice, worker’s rights, criminal justice reform, women’s rights, immigrant rights and the list of issues and inequalities we are facing in our communities.

Labor and Community for an Independent Party (LCIP) is the perfect opportunity to bring labor and communities together to work on the issues that are most important. It was evident in the 2018 elections that communities came together on issues that impacted them and elected candidates that were addressing these issues.

South Carolina is the only state with a Labor Party ballot line and one area we feel voters would consider voting for a candidate on is Medicare for All. No matter what issues of concern arise, we are confident that the money saved with the implementation of Medicare for All would assist in eliminating many of the economic issues impacting South Carolina. LCIP is an opportunity to transcend the corporate agendas of political parties and focus efforts and resources to the issues that will organize labor and communities into a network of activists creating change for independent action.

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